Recent Media Coverage

Recent Media Coverage

Greetings! Is it October already? Are those autumn leaves we see falling outside AT headquarters?! What else is happening? Learn more about what we've been upto...

From Acorns Grow Large Trees
The AnotherTicket team

How about our recent newspaper coverage featured in The Rugby Advertiser? You might notice that the article was written by John Turner, who is our fourth and newest member to the team, responsible for overseeing communications, inputting into the creative aspects of our ventures, as well as blogs.

We are delighted to be featured in the paper, which goes to show the growing community support we are receiving for the service we provide. However, it doesn’t stop there. Oh no! How about co-founder Matthew Butlin’s recent shining moment on BBC Radio, no less! We couldn’t be more pleased. Didn’t he do a good job of demonstrating why we’re here, what we’re doing, and how we aim to #kickoutthetout? Share your thoughts in the comments box below – we love hearing from you.

As many of you will know, our intention is to keep expanding. We started out as an acorn, but the number of our users is growing daily. You know what we stand for: an ethical, fair and honest service for events goers everywhere. Don’t forget, our tickets can be sold on an international scale. We aim to kick out the touts... and not just two or three in Grimsby. Our goal is global. Hey, ‘global’ includes a G, O, A and L: so it makes sense! Recent advertising space gained in newspapers and magazines only adds to the volume going up: think of us as your favourite band switched to number ‘10’ on the PA system...

Will you be here with us for the journey? Do you know somebody who might have an event for which to sell tickets? Do you know somebody who now has a spare ticket to sell at face-value? Then what are you waiting for – bookmark us, spread the word, be evangelical! The more we expand, the fairer the industry will become; the more hard-earned cash YOU and YOUR friends will save; the more events will become accessible to the ‘little people’!

The philanthropist Bill Gates was once a geek working with wires and RAM in his back garage. Even he couldn’t have foreseen what the future held for him. Now he works to quite literally save millions of lives. As you know, charities are NOT charged when they use our services and our entire premise is an ethical, conscientious one. Everybody has to start somewhere. We have lots more exciting news to share with you soon. Stick around and be a part of it!

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  • 02 Oct 2015

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