Ticket Touts

Ticket Touts

Everyone gets frustrated when they can’t get tickets for the event they want to attend. When all the tickets are gone and you really want to go, there is always the option of paying a bit more, or more often-than-not, a lot more if you really want to go. So you’re quite a few quid out of pocket and the touts’ pockets are a lot heavier. Who else are they harming?

Let’s Kick Out The Tout – Once and For All!
Richard Norman | Co-Founder

Search for tickets online for any event now and often the first web pages that will be displayed are for re-sale sites. Sports, music, theatre and comedy, you name it, all selling at inflated prices, having sold out at face-value in minutes. This is no longer classic entrepreneurism. This is a high-powered technically, advanced global industry. These ‘entrepreneurs’ have automated systems; their bots purchase tickets in huge numbers with the sole intention of selling for vastly inflated prices. Genuine fans are left with almost no chance to get a ticket. Touts and re-sale businesses virtually have a monopoly on the ticket market, charging whatever fans are willing to pay.

Surely the artists, venues and governments should be doing more to stop this. Why aren’t they? The venues have sold their tickets, so made their money, right? Wrong! A large percentage of a venue’s income comes from food and drink. So, if you, the fan, have had to spend three or four times the face-value price for your ticket, can you afford another drink, merchandise or event programme? You’re more reluctant to shelve out any more cash, aren’t you? We know the feeling!

If you’re a corporate customer entertaining clients and you’ve spent the budget on the re-sale tickets for one particular event, can you afford the next one? Again, the venues lose out vicariously. For an artist performing for their fans, do they want the main base to corporate guests who have more expendable cash to afford over-priced tickets? Tickets are expensive enough! Fans are being taken advantage of and everybody is detrimentally affected... except those cashing in.

We at AnotherTicket believe that the government ministers should be taking a greater interest in this area of the industry. Not only because their constituents are being ripped off time and time again, or because of the dubious links between touts and counterfeit tickets, but that these ‘entrepreneurs’ are not paying any tax on the $5 billion industry (a staggering 3,238,325,000 Pounds Sterling!) they have created.

A quick search recently and I found tickets for a show (face-value at £55) being sold for £390. That’s a tidy £335 profit on one ticket. Good business... but not legitimate business... and no income tax paid. Who loses out? We do. The current UK government have stated they want to crack down of corporate tax fraud. Let’s hope they become more proactive. More needs to be done.

There have been some changes that are helping to tightening the industry, with new trading standards and regulations being applied to ticket re-sales. Do they go far enough? No. We will investigate this further in another blog.

Yes, tickets will always be re-sold: people’s plans change; friends drop out; double-bookings happen - people therefore want to be refunded or make their money back. There is no problem with this; but if it happens to you, please do it ethically: sell at face-value and don’t rip-off your fellow fans.

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  • 18 Jun 2015

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  • Mandy moo:
    "It frustrates me when people buy up lots of tickets to sell them on at jacked up prices!!! Makes me mad!
    I wanted to go see queen but the resale prices were crazy! Hopefully this site will stop this happening to me again!"
    Friday 28th August 2015

  • Mel:
    "Mandy is right, the re-sale on popular events etc are silly money! I really glad to have found this site where i will be able to hopefully buy tickets and sell tickets at reasonable prices! Thanks another Ticket x"
    Saturday 29th August 2015

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