I’m Your Man | Part 2

I’m Your Man | Part 2

When asked about my favourite L.C. song, it's almost too obvious to say the one that most of the world’s heard: Hallelujah.

Leonard Cohen – The Songwriter’s Songwriter | Part 2
Matthew Butlin | Co-Founder of AnotherTicket

It’s a shame that many overlook the fact that, despite the many brilliant covers of it, Cohen’s lyrical handiwork stems way beyond this masterpiece. The fact that it’s currently being sung by my seven year old does emphasise its timelessness, although I’ll need forever to prove this fact. Still, I’m pretty certain the tunes like this one will go on long after we’re memories too. Isn’t that the point? And isn’t this what divided Cohen from so many of the rest? After the great man’s recent death, I took a deeper look into his significant back catalogue and rediscovered many songs that have etched a part into my life, from theme tunes to major TV shows such as True Detective, instrumental adaptations to cult movies like Natural Born Killers, as well as the many covers by the likes of R.E.M, Jarvis Cocker, The Lemonheads and James. Cohen’s music infiltrates my headspace so frequently without conscious thought. But I make no apologies (see what I did with the bold, there?!) from moving away from the easiest answer.... Hallelujah is an ‘obvious’ choice, but it’s undoubtedly my favourite! Possibly, almost embarrassingly, due to it being in one of my favourite films... Shrek.

Doesn’t matter if you live in a swamp and your wife Fiona’s giving you a run for your money, Everybody Knows (tut tut!) a great Leonard Cohen tune.

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  • 06 Dec 2016

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