Awards Season

Awards Season

Let me start this month’s blog with a few Award Show questions. Are you ready? Read on for the questions:

Award Season: Valid Recognition or Shameless Publicity?
Matthew Butlin | Co-Founder of AnotherTicket

  1. Who won ‘Best British Group’ at the 2015 Brit Awards?
  2. What film won ‘Best Picture’ at the Oscars in 2015?
  3. Who won ‘Record of the Year’ at the Grammys in 2015?
  4. Who won ‘Leading Actress’ at the BAFTAs in 2015?

How did you do?! Okay, now try answering these. (Some of these may give away your age!)

  1. Who ‘mooned’ Michael Jackson whilst performing Earth Song at the Brits in 1996?
  2. Who fell off stage during the 2015 Brits due to a cape mishap?
  3. Who jumped on stage during the 2009 MTV VMAs, interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to denounce Beyoncé?
  4. Who wrote SLAVE on the side of his face when accepting a Brit Award in 1995?

I bet you can answer more of the second set of questions, even if some of them are taking you back more than twenty years. So why is that? Answers on a postcard please!

I remember watching the Brit Awards, as a music loving, Britpop devoted teenager. You could catch me watching performances with anticipation and excitement; discussing the merits and comparisons with the Grammys, MTV Video Music Awards and our beloved Brits, arguing with my brother about who were the rightful winners, and what became of the NME awards. Still loving music as a 30-something, when I think about this year’s awards season, I feel a little unsatisfied… like when you get an ice-cream and the whole top part falls off before you get to the second lick. Ever happened to you? So, has the awards season become diluted? Lost its charm? Do the awards really reward the most deserving?

Last week when I turned the radio on to hear who had won at this year’s Grammys, I heard the argument about Lady Gaga’s David Bowie ‘tribute’. Was it any good, offensive, or at its most lame, was it reminiscent of a ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ performance? There were plenty of jokes (and admiration) about Dave Grohl’s red Solo cup stealing the night, but, and here’s the crux of this blog, the afterthought was who won what.

Arguably, the same can be said for most award shows this season. Following the BAFTAs there was plenty to say about what Stephen Fry said about Jenny Bevan, as well as Rebel Wilson’s hilarious speech, but just a couple of weeks later and I’d struggle to tell you what films won. Prior to the Brit Awards there was debate about the Award’s cultural diversity, threatening to overshadow the ceremony. The Oscars are already tainted with a similar crisis. Seems to me that the there’s more news about controversy than the celebration of the events themselves.

There is no doubt an award is a massive honour for those nominated, and more so if they win. Winning an award will certainly boost record, ticket or DVD sales short term, but months later will people still remember who won what awards? As fans, we take interest in the ceremonies when the real spirit of art shines through, whether this is a brilliant film or a fantastic album.

As possibly proven earlier, those who remain in our thoughts; the ones who are remembered for many years; are those who dare; those who stand up and embody rock and roll; for the genuine spirit of music, film and theatre. Does this include Kayne West’s recent shenanigans? I’ll leave that for you to decide. And if you fancy reading some really colourful language, check out Liam Gallagher’s recent tirade, proving that rock lives on, thankfully.

In reflection, after watching this year’s Brits, am I riled that Bieber won Best International Male. Will I debate with my brother whether Coldplay deserve Best British band or could the gong have gone to a more fresh and daring group? Maybe I should just be relieved that for once most of the news headlines are about the winners and not someone stealing the limelight from them! Looking at the screaming kids in the crowd though, I think I’m getting a bit too grumpy in my old age. So, have the award ceremonies lost their charm? Gone a little Ribena-diluted? Or as Liam Gallagher says, has music been ‘abducted my massive c***s’?!

In any case, long live celebrating great music and onwards and upwards to next year!

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  • 27 Feb 2016

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