Wasps v Saints: Wasps v Saints

Sunday 4th October 2015 - 15:00pm BST

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Wasps v Saints: Wasps v Saints
Event Date:
Sun 4th October 2015 - 15:00pm BST
Ricoh Arena, Coventry, GB

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Community Questions

Mattthelegend asked:
Do you know if you can upgrade the concession tickets to adult tickets at the box office
Hi there, to be honest I have no idea. I would think the answer should be yes, but only based on common sense rather than actual knowledge. I would think contacting the box office to confirm may be the best bet. The other consideration is that you may then have to pay the full price (£25) as my discount is because I work for JLR.

Question asked on 2nd Oct 2015 18:29pm

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